Can Reflective Insulation Save You Money?

Many homeowners are searching for ways to save money and lower their energy costs. If there was a way for you to be more comfortable in your own home while saving money, chances are you would consider it a no-brainer!

A significant amount of heated or cooled air is lost through the attic in your home. This translates to heat loss in the winter and higher cooling costs during the summer. Because so much loss takes place in the attic. it’s a good place to start.

There are various products and applications that can reduce the loss of warm or cold air through your attic. The most common are called Radiant Barriers. Reflective Insulation is a type of Radiant Barrier commonly known as aluminum foil. There are many different types of reflective insulation to choose from. Some are nothing more than a single sheet of foil, others are foil bonded to plastic either with or without air bubbles, like bubble-wrap. Some have aluminum foil on both sides of the plastic sheet or bubble wrap, others only have foil on one side. Reflective Insulation and radiant barriers like KoolCoat can and do stop the majority of unwanted heat transfer and loss in your home.

Reflective insulation is much more effective at reducing heat transfer than typical insulations. As a matter of fact, reflective insulation and some radiant barriers can block as much as 97% of radiant heat flow. Most typical insulations only slow the heat flow down, but do not block it.

Products like reflective insulations and KoolCoat radiant barrier paint additive can provide the user resistance against three different types of heat flow:


Reflective insulation is easy to install. It is compact, light and pliable. Yet, it is also strong enough to resist punctures and tears. It is flexible enough that it can be easily formed around shapes, angles and corners. Reflective Insulation is a great do-it-yourself project and installing the insulation yourself makes it somewhat more cost effective. But the initial cost can be very expensive compared to other radiant barriers that will provide the same results.

With the same results as reflective insulation and at an installation cost of about fifty times cheaper per square foot than reflective insulation, the pay-back is fast with KoolCoat. With both products, reflective insulation or Koolcoat, you will see a reduction in fuel costs or utility bills, your furnace and air conditioner will work with less wear and tear, and your home will feel more comfortable at a lower cost.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your energy costs (and who isn’t!) consider the benefits of applying Koolcoat. Your home will be more comfortable with less cost to you!
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