Going Green with Radiant Barriers

Radiant Barriers are an innovative way to save energy and money.  Some homeowners are looking to go green.  Most are very concerned about balancing their monthly income to the monthly cost of living. The cost of fuel is skyrocketing and it is completely understandable that homeowners are concerned with the expense of cooling and heating their home.

If you are concerned about saving money spent on energy bills, there are many things that you can do.  Check your home or office for air leaks, caulk up cracks and install weatherstripping, buy energy saving appliances, make sure that your house is properly insulated,  turn the air up or the heat down during the day when you are not at home, and use radiant barriers under your roof, on your roof, on your ceilings and on both interior and exterior walls in order to reflect outside heat and keep your home more comfortable.

Radiant barriers will control the flow of heat.  One option is a radiant barrier paint.  A radiant barrier paint is basically a type of liquid foil.  Properly used, radiant barrier paint can reflect up to 75% of the heat.  In order to use radiant barrier paint effectively, it is important to completely cover the rafters in your attic.  It is also important to make sure that you use a thick enough layer of the paint.  In order for your radiant barrier paint to be as effective as possible, be sure that you do not dilute the paint with water.  It may be tempting to do so in order to increase coverage but you will be seriously undermining the product effectiveness.

Another option is a radiant barrier paint additive.  A paint additive is cost effective and simple to use.  You can mix the radiant barrier additive with any paint and can be used on the interior or exterior of your home.  The added protection of using a radiant barrier paint additive will provide you with lower energy costs.  You will also save on labor costs because the additive is simple to use and install on your own.
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