Radiant Barrier Spray Keeps You Cool

Summer can be brutal.  The heat, the humidity, temperatures rising into the nineties can take a toll.  Keeping your home cool seems to cost more and more each summer.  Homeowners like you continue to look for new ways to reduce energy costs.  However, there is an option that has been around for years.  The often overlooked, yet effective, option is called a radiant barrier spray.  Using a radiant barrier spray in your attic is a smart, cost-effective way to protect your home from soaring summer temperatures.

A radiant barrier spray can literally keep your cooling costs from going through the roof.  It will even help in the winter!  Radiant barrier spray will help reduce your air conditioning costs in the summer and help reduce your heating costs in the winter by preventing heat loss.

During the hot summer months, as the temperature increases, heat will actually radiate from the surface of your roof.  A significant amount of this heat is transferred into your attic through conduction.  This heats the air in your attic, making it uncomfortable and miserable for you when you need to go into your attic in the summer.  Further, air conditioning ducts as well as the air conditioning machinery are often in the attic, forcing your air conditioner to work harder.  Radiant barrier spray can help to reduce your air conditioning costs by 30 percent!  It will also significantly reduce the temperature in your attic, increase the efficiency of your air conditioning ducts, and can help to reduce the temperature in other areas of your home that are not air conditioned (such as basements, laundry rooms, and garages). One recommendation is to apply the radiant barrier spray on every surface of the roof deck including rafters and any other wooden support members and all the duck work and the air conditioning machinery cabinets and plenums. If your attic is well ventilated and you apply an adequate coating of the radiant barrier spray, the air temperature in your attic can be the same as the outdoor air temperature.

A radiant barrier spray will work with the insulation in your home to keep the radiant heat from moving into your home.  A radiant barrier spray goes even further by reflecting the warm air away from the interior of your home.  Using a radiant barrier spray will provide an even greater energy savings than insulation alone.
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