Welcome to KoolCoat – About Us

chuck-bMy name is Chuck and I am pleased you came to my website. I own Koolcoat and love to show people how to save energy money by using Koolcoat Radiant Barrier Paint Additive.

Many years ago, 1995 or so, I kept hearing on the home improvement radio shows how radiant barriers could help save energy and make your home, office, shop or shed more comfortable. I began researching radiant barrier products then on the market. Most were already mixed into a paint and almost no one discussed what the radiant barrier product really was. After a couple of years of searching I finally found the superior product and decided if I sold only the radiant barrier part and not the paint, shipping would be cheaper and my customers could chose the paint THEY wanted to use.

At that point the decision was made to have a website built and begin selling Koolcoat. Finding a reputable web developer was a bigger challenge than I expected. It took much longer and was more expensive than I could have imagined.

I have been selling KoolCoat since 1999 to people all over the world

But in 1999, Koolcoat finally became a real web-based company. During the first 18 months or so, all my sales were to people here in America and the first overseas sale was almost unbelievable. That sale was to someone in Greece. Since then I have sold Koolcoat to almost every country in the world.

Started, as kind of a “hobby” to help people save energy dollars, Koolcoat has a mission: anything I can do to help people find comfort in their dwellings and save energy money at the lowest price on the net is what we are all about.

The help doesn’t stop after you order KoolCoat

And the help doesn’t end with just shipping out Koolcoat from orders, I will help with paint choices for different applications and construction or re-construction of structures. I have experience as a “think-outside-of-the-box” builder and developer. I don’t have any misconceptions brought about from “political correctness”; I tell it like it really is.

Energy bills will continue to rise in this country as well as all over the world. At the rate things are going, energy costs may rise beyond what most people can afford.That occurrence will drive most people to find some comfort from the elements. Koolcoat can do that. Koolcoat will provide comfort during the summers and the winters, even if we don’t have or can not afford cooling and heating.

Thanks for stopping by and looking around. If you are ready to start saving money on your energy, cooling and heating consider KoolCoat and click on the big order button above to see the current pricing.

– Chuck