What is a Radiant Barrier Roof? Exploring the Legitimacy of Claims of Characteristics, Test Procedures And “R” Ratings for Thermal Insulations

Information and opinions by George H: (rbisys@juno.com) The chart data enclosed is taken from a mechanical engineering handbook along with opinions from thirty years field experience. EXPLORING THE LEGITIMACY OF CLAIMS OF CHARACTERISTICS, TEST PROCEDURES AND “R” RATINGS FOR THERMAL INSULATIONS USING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HAND BOOK DATA AND FORMULA Confusion about the performance of various Continue reading

Going Green with Radiant Barriers

Radiant Barriers are an innovative way to save energy and money.  Some homeowners are looking to go green.  Most are very concerned about balancing their monthly income to the monthly cost of living. The cost of fuel is skyrocketing and it is completely understandable that homeowners are concerned with the expense of cooling and heating Continue reading

Radiant Barrier History

The history of the radiant barrier begins as far back as the early 1920′s when radiant barrier was used to insulate residential and commercial buildings in the United States.  In 1945 the product was produced commercially by a New York company, but the government ruled the company a monopoly and shut down production.  Radiant barrier Continue reading