How KoolCoat Works

3mIn the 1980’s, two chemists, Rohm and Haas, working with 3M Company developed a paint that would have similar insulating values to the Space Shuttle’s ceramic coatings. Many of the same engineers that worked on the Space Shuttle technology were consulted to develop this paint. The final product has been sold and applied in Europe since the late 80’s.

This super paint is a flexible acrylic based paint mixed with a blended formula of ceramics. These bubbles act as an efficient insulator. The bubbles are over sixty percent vacuum. Each bubble acts as a closed cell and in an applied coating (paint) creates a thermal reflective layer which reflects over 90% of the infrared heat radiation. Reflection of heat protects structures from wide temperature fluctuations, thereby reducing the thermal load to the structure. As the thermal load is lowered, air conditioners run more efficiently thus lowering energy costs. How Radiant Barrier Works

When radiant barrier paint is applied on interior walls it reflects heat radiation from the heat source in a structure and reduces heat loss through the walls (it also insulates sound).

Make Your Own Radiant Barrier

KOOLCOAT has made it possible for anyone to make their own thermally reflective membrane (or radiant barrier paint) just by mixing it with your choice of paint and applying it. KOOLCOAT is the same 3M glass bubble that is used in the expensive pre-mixed paints, measured out in containers ready to mix with your quanity of paint.

It has been argued that radiant barrier paint is not an insulator. However, by definition insulation means to separate from conducting bodies by means of nonconductors, as to prevent transfer of electricity, heat, or sound (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary).

The hollow ceramic bubbles, when bound in a complex of paint and applied as recommended, have proven that they not only reflect, but insulate as well.

Compare the prices!

5 gallons of latex primer from your favorite home store costs a little over $45.00. Add a Five Gallon Kit of Koolcoat at $58.00 and you have a total cost of $103.00 for 6 gallons of radiant barrier paint! (Adding KOOLCOAT increases the volume 20%). (Coverage is about 1500 to 1600 square feet. That works out to 5 cents per square foot per coat)

Have a contractor come out and spray radiant barrier paint will cost an average of $1.12 per sq. ft., total cost $1680.

Buy a pre-mixed 5 gallon can of radiant barrier paint and pay anywhere from $75 to $240. (Coverage about 1000 sq. ft.) Mix your own and save MONEY two ways!