The Next Generation of KoolCoat


A New Easier Application To Place KOOLCOAT Radiant Barrier At Roof Level


For years the most popular way to apply Koolcoat radiant barrier paint additive at roof level was to spray two heavy coats of inexpensive paint mixed with Koolcoat, under the roof deck, coating all the rafters and any other wood that could conduct heat into the attic.  At KOOLCOAT, we have changed all of that by introducing a whole NEW way to receive the same results, with LESS COST and a much easier method of application!

The original application has been very effective, with many Koolcoat customers experiencing their attic temperatures maintaining outdoor air temperatures, even in the hottest summer months and reducing energy bills by 30% on average! But these great results didn’t come easily. Without the protection of Koolcoat radiant barrier paint additive, attic temperatures can reach as high as 150 degrees during Texas summers.  Since our customers had to go into the attic to apply the coating they had to wait till late at night or very early morning to accomplish the project. Braving the confined spaces and the threat of stepping through the ceiling was difficult and dangerous. The original application also required the purchase or rental and use of an airless sprayer

I am going to tell you how anyone can apply KOOLCOAT, the IDEAL RADIANT BARRIER to ANY exterior roof including composition shingles, FOR UNDER 15 CENTS PER SQUARE FOOT! (total material costs)

We have made a deal with a major paint company to allow any KOOLCOAT customer to buy a SPECIAL PAINT at a steep DISCOUNT!  And, we have tested all the different coverage’s and methods of application so all YOU have to do is follow simple instructions and before you know it, the project is completed and you are enjoying the benefits of a superior RADIANT BARRIER coating on the exterior of your roof.

Many of you may wonder what makes Koolcoat the Ideal Radiant Barrier? Koolcoat consists of tiny hollow glass bubbles, each with a 60% vacuum. Ask any Thermodynamic Engineer how a vacuum controls the flow of radiant heat and they will tell you that radiant heat cannot flow effectively through a vacuum.

Applying Koolcoat to the roof exterior eliminates the need for foam insulation under your roof deck as well as the need for added attic insulation. If radiant heat is controlled at the surface of the roof with Koolcoat and not allowed access into the attic, what is the point in spending more money on products that don’t have any or much radiant heat to control? This would include foam insulation panels or sprayed foam insulation, attic insulation, roof insulation or any other type of thermal insulation. Would it be wiser to spend less than 15 cents per square foot for radiant heat control using Koolcoat radiant barrier or upwards of a dollar per square foot for sprayed foam insulation? All the other home insulation products fall in between these two costs.

There is no such thing as the average home. Every building is different, one way or the other. In order to serve our customers who want to use this NEW application to the roof exterior, we have created some new product lines.

We have:

CAKC-5, enough Koolcoat for any roof 1000 square feet or less. ($45.00)

CAKC-10, enough Koolcoat for any roof 2000 square feet or less. ($88.00)

CAKC-15, enough Koolcoat for any roof 3000 square feet or less. ($125.00)

CAKC-20, enough Koolcoat for any roof 4000 square feet or less. ($155.00)

CAKC-30, enough Koolcoat for any roof 6000 square feet or less. ($210.00)

In order to protect our relationship with our paint company partner and our special paint discount, upon ordering the necessary Koolcoat for your project, you will be provided:

  • Our  account number to access the special paint discount
  • The Product name and Number of the special paint to use
  • Where to buy the special paint, and any help you need to find and purchase it
  • Coverage rates and tips and hints how to apply

These are some of the benefits you will enjoy from this application:

A cooler roof. The surface temperature of your roof will always be the same as the surrounding air temperature.

A longer lasting roof. With the surface temperature cooler the roof will last longer because the radiant heat is not degrading it near as quickly.

Lower air-conditioning bills. Controlling the majority of radiant heat coming into the attic and from there into the home, you’re A/C costs should be reduced at least 30%.

Lower heating bills. During the winter you are paying for the heat in your house. Your heater is generating radiant heat. Radiant heat will always move to the colder air. With the Koolcoat radiant barrier on the roof, the heat will stay in the house longer, thus saving you energy money.

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