Hi Chuck,

I had been looking into different products to help reduce cooling costs for a little while now and in that research I came across the koolcoat site. I will admit I was hesitant even after reading the testimonials. I figured that I would spend the money and give it a shot as it seemed more cost effective to buy my paint add the coating as one day in 100+ degree weather in Florida I took the
temperature and it was 97 degrees rolling into my house because my Great Dane knows how to open doors.

Long story short I cleaned and re-cleaned the Florida room roof, once I was satisfied that the paint would not peel off I mixed up 3 gallons into proper roof coating paint. I applied 5 coats to the whole room then applied another 3 coats just over the roof that is over the air conditioned space. I rolled on each coating on and waiting approximately 30 minutes between each coat. when I was done it was 104 degrees outside with a heat index of 115 that day. After cleaning up and putting away my painting equipment I walked inside with my infrared thermometer and took a reading. The instant i looked at the read out i knew right then I would be buying more to coat in the attic. The reading was 80.2 degrees on the west side of the room and 79.4 on the east side.

It was essentially a 20+ degree drop instantly. I could not believe that it dropped that much and I was truly impressed. I will coat my attic roof and paint my house with this product with in the year.


Hi Chuck,

I am very happy with the roof job:

I used a large push broom and a mixture of soapy water with a small amount of bleach to scrub the tin. It was very effective and necessary, as a lot of dirt and pollen came off, but it was a big part of the over all labor. On my 800sq foot house, I divided the cleaning process over two days, with one day between the last rinse and the start of painting.IMG_0114-225x300

I chose to get one other person to help apply the paint, which turned out to be totally necessary for my application style, and worked out really well. We mixed 2.5 gallons of the paint at a time and one person used a small broom, brushing with the ridge of the tin, to get the basic application. Then immediately following, while the paint was still wet, the other person would use a roller, going in the opposite direction, across the ridges, to get the more consistent, smooth final coat.

We moved across the roof working side by side in this way, painting in 4′ strips. It took us about one hour prep (not including the cleaning of the roof) and then about 4-5 hours to paint the entire roof with one solid coat. The 10 gallons of paint easily covered the 800 square feet, with enough left over to cover my little tool shed!

The difference in temperature is immediate and very impressive! In the mid-day Texas sun, you will burn your hand touching the unpainted tin, while the painted tin is almost air temperature. We chose a very light blue – almost white. I can not attest to the durability of the paint yet, but the temperature difference is wonderful. Before painting, I would hear the roof snap, crackle, and pop as it heated during the day, but I hardly hear any of that anymore.

I am telling everyone I know about it and I am considering putting another coat in the very near future. Really, the painting is not very difficult at all. It was well worth the work and experience. Awesome, easy, effect home improvement project that offers a lot of bang for you buck. If I did it again, I might rent a power washer or hire someone to clean the roof, as that was a large portion of the work, but I would definetly do the application myself. It is an easy clean up afterward because the Decra-Flex 300 is water based. However, I think some of the tin that was used to build my roof had sat around in a dusty/dirty place before construction, so the roof was extra dirty. But I think it is important to get it right, and go ahead and clean the roof really well.

One of my tips, have an electric-high torq drill with a paint mixing extension to help mix the paint. Use it at the slowest speed possible to prevent and breakage of the spheres and spreading of dust. I imagine it would be very taxing and difficult to get a good mix of the powder with the paint by hand.

And I will just say again, get one other person to help with the application. Having the brush and the roller going at the same time made all the difference in the world. I would not do it any other way!

I think that is about it. I will include a couple pictures.

Thanks again Chuck! I feel certain that I will have made my money back for the cost of the project in energy savings within a couple of months!


garageHi Chuck,

Just wanted to touch base with you, and pass along some interesting information. After having treated my roof with the acrylic and KC mix… I had an instant 10% reduction in my power bill. (may 2011) Then, the following month, after painting my house with Decra Flex-300 Elastomeric paint
(2 coats: one rolled, one sprayed. June 2011) mixed with KC…. besides the house now looking like brand new….My budget power bill has fallen from an average $112-$116 per month… to $60 per month. THAT’S 50% LESS!!!!!

I have copied the chart of KwHrs used for the past two years, directly from the power company website… the differences are substantial for the investment that I’ve made.

Especially directly in the middle of the hot Florida summer, where the average temperature was 90-95 degrees on any given day… The drop in power use age was incredible.

My house is on a slab foundation with block walls. I used 10 gallons of the acrylic on the roof. And I used 20 gallons of the elastomeric on the walls. Everything went on the roof just as you said it would. As well as the exterior.

If I were going to make any suggestions to anyone about things to do first….

Depending on geographic location… I would do your roof first. At least for myself, that generated the largest bang for the least
investment. Besides, ease of application. Buy the backpack sprayer that is suggested. Just make sure to keep shaking it while it’s on your back, so everything stays mixed well. Because it will show on your roof if you don’t. When you’re cleaning up the sprayer after you’re done… use some ammonia. It will keep the acrylic from sticking to everything.

Regarding painting the outside: If money is tight… do what you can when you can. But don’t scrimp on the paint. Do what Chuck
says. Use the elastomeric. It’s thick as cake batter once the KC is mixed in with it. But it goes on very smooth. Easy to work with and just as easy to clean up. GET THE COLOR RIGHT… because it will outlast your house.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you need to.

Your product is fantastic. Your customer service is beyond reproach. I would even go so far as to have anyone you want give me a call directly.
I’m THAT satisfied.

Warmest regards,
Todd Arnette
Mount Dora, Florida.

Account Name: TODD W ARNETTE 

Account Number: 582********** (Account active since 2/4/2008) 

Account Address: 5952 RUTHERFORD RD, MOUNT DORA, FL 32757

Average Monthly Usage: 703 Graph View energy usage graph

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Date Mailed kWh Usage Read Date # Of Days Rate Schedule
10/3/2011 710 10/3/2011 32 RS-1
9/1/2011 836 9/1/2011 29 RS-1
8/3/2011 664 8/3/2011 28 RS-1
7/6/2011 239 7/6/2011 30 RS-1
6/3/2011 227 6/6/2011 33 RS-1
5/10/2011 378 5/4/2011 62 RS-1
4/4/2011 749 4/5/2011 33 RS-1
3/3/2011 645 3/3/2011 29 RS-1
2/2/2011 989 2/2/2011 29 RS-1
1/4/2011 874 1/4/2011 32 RS-1
12/3/2010 425 12/3/2010 30 RS-1
11/4/2010 430 11/3/2010 30 RS-1
10/4/2010 823 10/4/2010 32 RS-1
9/2/2010 941 9/2/2010 30 RS-1
8/3/2010 1,098 8/3/2010 32 RS-1
7/2/2010 903 7/2/2010 29 RS-1
6/3/2010 565 6/3/2010 29 RS-1
5/5/2010 461 5/5/2010 29 RS-1
4/6/2010 694 4/6/2010 33 RS-1
3/4/2010 1,064 3/4/2010 29 RS-1
2/3/2010 948 2/3/2010 28 RS-1
1/6/2010 848 1/6/2010 32 RS-1
12/7/2009 514 12/5/2009 31 RS-1
11/4/2009 650 11/4/2009 30 RS-1
10/5/2009 896 10/5/2009 32 RS-1

Hi Chuck, I wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with Koolcoat. We followed your instructions, which were very clear, and mixed Koolcoat with White rustoleum oil based paint. It went on our aluminum boat nice and smooth. After a day of drying in the shade, I pulled the boat into the sun. It was 97%. We love our boat, but during the summer the aluminum would get so hot it would burn your hands. After hours in the 97% heat, I touched the hull and it was hardly warm. I almost took a picture with the thermometer on the bow with my tongue on the bow as well, just to prove how great Koolcoat works!

Many thanks,
Andy Keenan

WOW – the coldest December in several years and yet our gas usage down and the bill was cut in half. The savings from last January and this December paid for my Koolcoat and a helper to do the work.

Carrolton, Texas

Dear KoolCoat,

I live in Austin, TX and in the summer my garage would be unbearably hot, very difficult to spend any amount of time. I ordered a 5 Gallon Kit from you ( I e-mailed you previously asking for instructions of mixing smaller amounts ). My original plan was to paint the Attic (another place that is very hot for most of the year). But those plans where put on hold for a few weeks. I read on your website that painting the Garage door would lower the temperature up to 20 Degrees, and since it seemed like a small enough job I decided to try that this weekend. I mixed half a gallon of Latex Paint with KoolCoat and proceeded to paint the interior of the Garage Door (I applied 2 coats in less then 2 hours using a brush) in the morning. In the afternoon when I went to the garage and I could not believe how cool the garage was. Normally the garage feels much hotter than the outside temperature but now the garage feels cool. I called my wife in to the garage, she thought I called her to show her my handy work with the door, she walked into the garage asking what I wanted to show her, after a couple of seconds she looked around realized she was in the garage and started yelling “The garage is not HOT, The garage is not HOT!!!” Austin has been the 90′s for the past few Days (and it is only April) but the garage has remained in the 70′s. This product has already exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to paint the decking of my Attic.

Carlos S

Dear Koolcoat,

cbhouse1I have a five year old home in San Antonio, Texas and wanted to try and reduce my summer cooling bills. I bought the Koolcoat Ten kit and had a contractor spray the underside of my roof with ten gallons of inexpensive white latex paint. We haven’t had any 100-degree days yet but so far my air conditioner runs less at the same thermostat setting and the total kilowatt-hours of electricity used last month are less than this time last year. The whole project cost me just under $500 and based on last month’s electric bill the Koolcoat will pay for itself before this summer is over. Thanks for a great product.

Margaret S.

cbhomeroomDear Koolcoat,

Three years ago we bought an older home outside Corpus Christi, Texas and last fall decided to do some interior painting. A friend suggested mixing in some Koolcoat. We bought enough for 15 gallons of paint and got busy. Over the winter we noticed a decrease in our monthly electrical usage. Rising fuel costs have increased the overall price of power but with our usage down the monthly bills are comparable to the bills of previous years. Later this year I am planning to find a good elastomeric roof paint, put some Koolcoat in it and mop it over my composition shingles to have a super reflective roof. After checking prices of paints sold with ceramic radiant barrier already mixed together, I found that by buying your Koolcoat and mixing it myself (in paint that I chose) I saved over $10 per gallon compared to the pre-mixed.

Tommy Vaughn

cbbarn1Mr. Koolcoat,

I thought I’d let you know how well my project came out. If you can remember, I e-mailed you about trying to take some of the heat out of my barns. I have several various sized barns sheathed in corrugated steel, with no insulation, and in the summer the inside temperature was almost unbearable. You told me to power wash the outside walls and roof, find a good white acrylic flex roof paint add Koolcoat and spray on two coats. I followed your directions, and during the past two summers the barns have been pleasant to work in. Now that I know this reflective thing works, I’m planning to paint Koolcoat all over my house. You have a good product and it is easy to use!

Thank You,
J.C. Garza

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Dear Koolcoat,

I just want you and others to know that KOOLCOAT is a remarkable product. Our outside temperature went to 110 degrees this month, July, and the insulating properties of KOOLCOAT in our paint has kept our two story addition feeling comfortable without the air conditioner going all the time. The inside walls actually feel cool! Always in the past, it would become unbearable in the addition even in the low 90′s. We are getting nice comments about how nice the paint job looks as well. I guess you know I’m pleased with the product as well as the great service you provided.

Thank you.
Herb A. Pasco

Dear Koolcoat,

We bought a new house in North San Antonio in March. I had done alot of research on radiant barriers and after several months of checking them all out, decided yours would be the best alternative. Our house is 2500 square feet with a large attic. Yours being a spray on application was perfect, with the high ceilings in the attic. I tested the temperature for one week prior to installing just one coat of the KoolCoat. Average outside temps were 96 degrees, average attic temp at 5 pm was 142 degrees and my AC was running average of 7 hours a day. I installed the first coat on a Friday and started testing the attic temps again for a week. The average attic temp fell to 116 degrees, 26 degrees cooler and the AC went from averaging 7 hours a day to 3.5 per day. I can just imagine what the second coat, which I have decided can wait untill the weather cools off, will do. I can’t say enough about your product, not only the results, but the ease of application also. You customer service was top notch also. Who else would make the delivery arrangements you did! Thanks again, and look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Tony Bell

Dear Koolcoat,

I purchased your product last year. I applied it with an elastomeric coating on the metal roof of my 24 foot motor home. What a difference in the summertime. Prior to the application during 100 degree Texas days, the air conditioning unit would only cool the motor home to 80 degrees and run continually. After the application of Koolcoat, I can maintain the temperature at 70 degrees during the hottest days. I applied Koolcoat in a light colored latex paint to the inside and outside of my garage door. I noticed a significant difference in the temperature in the garage this winter. I have used my kerosene heater a lot less this winter when working out there. I have painted my living room and master bedroom with your product added to the paint and am totally satisfied with the results. I plan on painting the rest of the rooms in my house using your product in the coming month and will paint my roof decking this fall when the temperature permits. I am 100 percent satisfied with your product and your customer service.

Scott Nelson
Wichita Falls, TX

Dear KoolCoat,

I live in the Dallas area where the summer heat gets very intense. My home has a three-car garage with a game room, and a bedroom directly above the garage. During the summer months the rooms above the garage stay unbearably hot even with ceiling fans, and the air conditioning running constantly. In trying to find a way to keep these room cool, and cut down on my electric bill, I came across your website. Being skeptical that it would work, I only purchased a one-gallon kit, and thought I would start by only painting the inside of the garage door. Due to the heat, I waited until 11pm to start painting. The inside garage temperature was 95 degrees when I started. By the time I finished the first coat the temperature was down to 85 degrees. I could not believe it. I was only halfway finished with the first coat, when my wife stepped in to see make sure I hadn’t passed out due to the heat. She said, “I am not sure if this is only mental, but it already feels cooler in here.” We were both amazed what a difference it had made with only one coat. The next morning I put on the second coat. Now the game room, and the bedroom upstairs are as cool as the rest of the house. Before KoolCoat we kept the thermostat at 76 degrees, and the house (especially the two rooms) were still hot. After two coats of KoolCoat (only on the garage door), we set the thermostat at 79 degrees, and all of the rooms are comfortable to us. I am placing another order so I can finish the job I started. I can’t wait to paint the ceiling and all of the walls of the garage so that we can feel even more of a temperature difference. Now that I have proved to myself that this product DOES work, I am already planning on painting other rooms in my home, as well as the attic once the winter months arrive. Thank you for a great product KoolCoat! Deon Nazworth, The Colony, TX

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Dear KoolCoat,

Just wanted to say thanks for getting the Koolcoat sent out so fast which allowed me to apply it on Memorial Day. I just wanted to share with you my screw ups which in the end turned out OK. First problem was that I rented instead of buying an airless sprayer. Lowes told me that they had one which had a .030 tip which was what I wanted. Well I waited until late Sunday afternoon and it was gone. I then went to Home Depot who had a new one that had never been used. Problem was is the tip size was a 517. I had no choice so I went ahead and rented it. The guy told me it had two filters , one on the machine and one in the spray gun handle. When I got home I removed the one from the gun. I had thought he told me that the other filter was in the actual suction tube but when I pulled it apart there was nothing there. I figured the guy didn’t know what he was talking about and proceeded forward. I stared about 8 am and finished up around 11:30 am which was good because it had become extremely hot. After I got the thing outside to clean and turned it over I noticed a cylinder up underneath the machine. As I unscrewed the thing I was thinking I had done all of that work for nothing. To my suprise the filter was not all that clogged and only had small amounts of the Koalcoat on it and there was a small amount on the inside walls of the tube assembly. There really couldn’t have been that much in there anyway as the filter is not all that big. I guess that it was able to go through this larger filter OK. The spray gun did clog around 6 to 8 times but that didn’t take 2 seconds to clear. Before I had finished and started to clean up it was becoming very hot in the attic and I was beginning to wonder why. It had been raining when I started and was not all that hot. Little did I know that the sun had come out around 10am and started to heat things up. Around 2 pm I put a wireless transmitter I have in the attic approx. 12 inches from the roof. The temp read 102 deg. The actual temp outside at that time was 92 deg. resulting in only a 10 deg differance. I hope to do more testing in the future as soon as all of this rain clears out of here. Thanks again and I will be ordering more in the future to spray the exterior of the house.

F. Blackmon
Katy, TX

Koolcoat’s response:

Hi Mr. Blackmon,

Sounds like you had a “memorable” Memorial Day! I am very surprised you were able to use the 517 tip (that is .017″, and Koolcoat diameters are .002″ to .008″) without more clogs. Six or eight clog-ups are a bit unreasonable, but it sounds like you had overall success. The temperature readings are about right, I don’t know how your attic is ventilated, but 102 in the attic on a 92 degree day isn’t bad. Normally “an attic” will be 50 degrees hotter than ambient. I don’t know why more builders here in the South can’t learn to build attics that ventilate better. There is a formula of soffit vent area compared to ridge vent area that will, if followed, convect air through an attic at such a fast rate the air has very little time to heat up. But I see so many houses without proper vents. Builders will put in plenty of soffit vents and then stick a couple of the metal vent caps on top. Until you’ve experienced a ridge vent, one cannot imagine the amount of air that can be moved. Couple good ventilation with a coating of Koolcoat and an attic can be cooled down almost to ambient. Keep me informed about your temperature testing. Your email was a great rendition of some of the things that can go wrong and your ways of overcoming them are enlightening. What I’d like to do is put your email into my testimonials on the web site, so others could read it and know that they aren’t alone. It may even help some people work their way out of some problems they can’t figure out. I won’t use your name, if that’s ok, and I probably will preface your email with an explanation about why it was written. Whatcha think?


Mr. Blackmon’s Response:

I believe my attic is well ventilated as it has 35 soffit vents. The problem was that there was only one ridge vent at the top about 8ft. long. If you use the formula I didn’t have enough vent on top. A couple of years ago I added 3 of the 1ft. by 1ft. caps and put them as close to the ridge vent as possible. From what I’ve learned if you don’t you can cause it to short cycle thus pulling air only between the caps and the ridge vent. I’m probably going to add 2 more of the caps to get the appropiate area needed for ventilation. As far as the clogging I would know it was about to happen because the spray gun would start this loud cracking and popping noise like popcorn and then it would clog. I would simply reverse the tip and spray a couple of seconds that way to clear it. Overall it went good. I just wish I would have come across your site last winter instead of May. I do feel though that I didn’t want to go through another whole summer without the Koolcoat applied. I can give you more updates on my temp. readings throughout the week if you like so that you can post on your website. Like I mentioned before the receiver is in my downstairs kitchen so I can toggle back and forth to watch the outside temp and the attic temp. Thanks again.

P.S. I was just in the process of taking a reading. It looks as if my temp differance of 10 deg. between attic and outside was a one day deal. The average this week has been around 24 deg. hotter in the attic. Right this moment it is 95 deg. outside and 118 deg. in the attic. I would still say that is good. I still believe I need more attic ventilation to pull the heat out. I have two 12 in. by 12 in. fans that came out of a large control cabinet that I am going to experiment with this evening by placing them onto the bottom of the 1 by 1 ft. caps I installed. I am going to tie them into my x-10 controls and have them come on say around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and run into the late evening. I figure maybe this will get some flow going and suck out some more heat. I think installing the large attic ventilators waste energy and can pull cool air from inside your house if your not careful. These small ones might be good enough to get it flowing. Thank you for the e-mails being answered quickly and efficiently. I’ll keep you posted about the temp average as it will be getting hotter. Thanks

Dear KoolCoat,

Wow! My house is COLD!!! All in a Texas heat wave! Now “this house” 1920’s Historic Bungalow (frame, single pane windows, pier & beam floors, NO & I mean NO insulation). I first sprayed the attic, and noticed an immediate affect. I then painted the exterior just as Chuck suggested, using BIN primer, 2 coats of good latex paint. ( I used Kelly Moore Gloss latex-excellent coverage). I’m having to turn the thermostat UP in the summer, 1 night I had to get out an extra blanket. All of this is practically impossible in a Texas heat wave!!! I switched utility companies so I am not sure when I will get a true dollar energy saving amount, although for me a “comfort saving” is more important than the dollar figure. Thanks to Koolcoat & Chuck for all his advice. I know I must have worn him out with all my questions!!!

Frances Look
Fort Worth, Texas

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